Noah Poirier, also known as Mélodieux (Mey-lo-dyu), is a music producer from Cicero, NY. Noah has garnered over 300,000 streams and has landed on 2 Apple Music Editorial Playlists since his first track with Lánre, Met U First

Noah's journey started when he was 5 years old, when he was introduced to the piano. He took to the keys with ease, surpassing all of his teachers and mentors. He later took up violin, trumpet, and guitar. He is also a self-taught producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. Music has always been and will always be in his blood. The name Mélodieux is French for 'Melodious', and was chosen as writing melodies came somewhat easy. Mélodieux's goal is to inspire others through his music. 

Mélodieux has had the honor to work with Lánre, Cadillac Muzik, TWSTD ZOO, Sam Mailloux, ALLEYCVT, and Diana.